Working Papers

Working papers from the 3rd Alexandria-Toledo workshop Copenhagen 15th of march, 2013

Title Author File type File size View
Translations as Part of Power Semiotics: the Case of Caliphal Cordova Isabel Toral-Niehoff PDF 411KB View
Arabic Medical Translations: First steps towards a relative chronology? Uwe Vagelpohl PDF 115KB View
Pragmatic markers from Greek into Arabic. With case studies from translations by Ishaq Ibn Hunayn Kerstin Eksell PDF 195KB View

Summaries of Papers from the first Workshop "From Alexandria to Toledo", Copenhagen 12th of May, 2011

Title Author File type File size View
Medieval Arabic views on environment and natural development Remke Kruk PDF 121KB View
Problems with the Arabic translations of Euclid’s Elements Sonja Brentjes PDF 1021KB View
Ibn Wahshiyya and translations into Arabic in the Early Abbasid period Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila PDF 237KB View
Scholars, translators and networks Irmeli Perho PDF 127KB View
Mediating Greek Texts: The Arabic commentator at work Kerstin Eksell PDF 259KB View